A Wizards of Earthsea

A wizards of Earthsea is a young adult fantasy novel written by Ursula K. Le Guin. 

Our team took a little time researching and manage to pulled out a short game cinematic teaser to present the book. Based on its final scene where the main character- GED and the shadow emerge together and evolve into a powerful wizard.

This is an experiment project to see how far we can reach within 3 people in a very short amount of time! Here's a little final result that we hope you will enjoy it! Especially the breakdown !

Visuals by: Mido Chia Yin Lai, Rico Suyang Wang, Stefan Kang Chun Yih
Character Design & Storyboard by : Mido Chia Yin Lai
Character Rigging & Animation by : Rico Suyang Wang
Fx & Compositing by : Stefan Kang Chun Yih
Modeling & Texturing by: Mido Chia Yin Lai, Rico Suyang Wang
Lighting & Rendering by: Stefan Kang Chun Yih
Instructed by" Andrea Adams
Music : The Holy Grail(premuimbeat.com)



DESIGNING THE TITLE of A Wizard of Earthsea was relatively straight forward. There's no intention of changing the whole narrative from the early concept on the book. Always refer back to the story where the main thing is about balance and equal, one must not change a pebble ....(from the book)!  The E and A was designed to balanced the greatness between the main character and the shadow he's up against, showing a hint that they are against each other and none of them can be destroyed but emerge at the end. 


The shadow mentioned from the book is a reflection of GED, and there's no form or any shape to it. Our team has decided to turn it into a mystique evil creature covering by smoke. Putting him in a low light environment , let its silhouette illustrated itself to the audience. Keeping it as mysterious,huge and powerful.


Enclose are a little R&D test while trying to illustrate the power that GED spread out. It's designed to be looking like an eye and not to distract the overall composition.