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Stefan Kang is currently pursuing a 2 Years Digital Production program in Gnomon School of VFX, focusing on VFX.

In the past, he has worked across a wide range of media such as TV commercial, Event Projection Mapping & 3D/ 2D motion graphic video for client such as: Nike AKQA, Faber Castle, Ford under the post production houses such as The Flashlight Creative (Event Projection Mapping Company) and especially Astatica (Post Production House). Gaining experiences, learning form the industry expert has been part of the need over the past few years. The passion on making art, refining it to the best, has been one of the main synergy that keep everything on track.

One of the main reason to continue the study in Gnomon is to grow and connect in a different environment, getting more closer to the world VFX company, continue getting inspired and built up more connection. Believe in nothing call the original art works, or the master, the best, it's all about the effort, and the passion that's inside you! Keep practising, be humble and never stop learning.